The NFT platform Arago is building the future and new digital market of premium art photography

Arago teams up with top photographers to create drops : collections of limited editions exclusively available on our platform.

Discover our opening Drops
  • How do tokens work?

    Each photo is limited to 8 tokens, including 1 for the photographer and 7 which will be sold to the public. Arago also offers a secondary market for selling tokens, this marketplace will open at the beginning of 2022.

  • A novel rights ownership mode

    We manage the digital rights attached to the ownership of the photo.
    Each token allows the owner to display the photo on three digital screens or virtual spaces.
    The ownership of the token also allows ordering a unique certified edition of the photo.

  • For photographers

    Arago invites photographers to create authentified and unique tokens (NFT) so as to manage digital rights attached to their photos. Arago teams up with top photographers to create drops: collections of limited editions exclusively available on our platform.

  • For art collectors

    Our goal is to build a new market for art photography by using NFT as an accessible and easy way to collect photos. Arago is about empowering art collectors, making art photography a unique, profitable way to invest through a dedicated, secure and sustainable channel.

  • Tezos - an eco-conscious blockchain

    We have selected Tezos as our chain, as it is an environmentally sustainable blockchain which uses 2 million times less energy than competing blockchains

We build trust and value by creating a unique series of 8 tokens for each photo sold on the platform. We want to make art photography an intelligent, wise and liquid investment with the development of a secondary market offering absolute transparency in pricing and opening opportunities for a growing community of young, global and digital collectors.

Arago is building bridges between physical prints and digital displays by managing the streaming rights of collections on frame art TV and Metaverse. We are opening up new channels of distribution for photography in the digital world and accelerating the development of art photography as a digital asset.

We build genuine relationships between the most talented photographers and a new generation of collectors, forged by trust, passion and transparency. Ownership is augmented by the unique relationship created between the seven collectors and the photographer.