Hervé Lassïnce

Hervé Lassïnce is a French photographer living in Paris.

Family, friends and lovers make up the bulk of his models, photographed mostly on the spot.

Taken from life, in the flesh of reality, with a certain crudeness, his photographs freeze scenes of grace, joy, loneliness and biblical love, marked by the melancholy or the enjoyment of their models. These embodied icons, invested with a strong presence or an erotic charge, together make up a united yet diverse fraternity, sublimated in its banality. 

He is the author of the book Mes frères (Granon editions) and has been the subject of several exhibitions in Paris (Galerie P38, Galerie Agathe Gaillard), as well as the Villa Noailles (International Festival of Fashion and Photography), Los Angeles (Paris-Berlin gallery), Milan (Offarch gallery), Philharmonie de Paris, Design Museum of London.

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