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Edition of 8 NFT with prints
Print included size 
60x60 cm
Custom sizes are upon request 

Captured on 120mm Fuji Provia 100F using a Hasselblad 500cm camera with 80mm Zeiss Planar lens. Exposure - f/8 @ 10 seconds

The Zone 3

By Kristopher Grunert


Token ✓ Edition 1/8 - Artist Edition ✓ Edition 2/8 - Sold at $1,000 Edition 4/8 - Will sell at $1,100 Edition 5/8 - Will sell at $1,200 Edition 6/8 - Will sell at $1,300 Edition 7/8 - Will sell at $1,400 Edition 8/8 - Will sell at $1,500

License A1 : what do you buy with a NFT?

Arago A1 license

For each Artwork, Arago has issued eight non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Each NFT offers its holder the following rights, as granted by the Artist:

1. To display or stream the Artwork in high resolution simultaneously on three different types of screens, “frame art” screens, internet sites, virtual spaces, “metaverses” and/or devices;

2. To display the Artwork for non-transactional and non-commercial purposes on social media and as desktop or mobile device wallpaper; and

3. To order from Arago one authenticated print of the Artwork, prepared in consultation with the Artist.

Any secondary sale of a Token by their current holder shall generate a 10% commission fee to Arago’s benefit, half of which will be paid by Arago to the author of the Artwork.

Authenticated prints of the Artworks are the exclusive property of current Token buyers. In case of secondary sale of a Token, the Token holder shall destroy any prints and/or digital files of the Artwork and shall offer proof of destruction as per Arago’s instructions.

Terms of Sale and Use

Terms and conditions

Upon confirming your order on Arago, you will be required to waive any statutory right of withdrawal, as provided under applicable consumer law concerning the online delivery of digital content.